Girl On The Go offers you a personal, comfortable, and private way to shop for a wig; one of the most difficult experiences a woman may have to go through.

"One of the most horrific experiences of cancer is losing your hair. While you are making difficult decisions about your treatment plan you may also be facing the reality of hair loss. For many, losing your hair symbolizes a loss of self, a loss of control and the visible confrontation of being ill. You are no longer in control of your appearance. Wearing a "bad" wig is a public statement that you are sick. But for most, cancer is a very private and personal experience.

Shopping for a wig is a difficult experience. From walking into the shop, to waiting for the attendant, it can feel as exposing as trying on a bathing suit in a public parking lot! Girl On the Go! has the solution."

Call us at 1-800-355-6976 to schedule your private home appointment.

Email us your photo and we will bring a collection of wigs chosen just for you.

Sheril Cohen, Founder, Surviver

Tel: 800: 355.6976

"Thank you for the wonderful help in selecting my wig. I can't tell you how many compliments I get on it. So many people can't believe that it's not really my hair! And all of the concern and care you put into the whole process was really wonderful. I so appreciated it. It made a painful task much easier"

"It was great to fiind a service like this. My mom's wig looks great - honestlly you can't tell. This was just so easy and left us with a peace of mind. Thank You."
- WB, OH