Your Hair Will Have Never Looked Better. -
No one needs to know, or will ever know, itâ??s a wig!

At ShopLong CurlsBeautiful, luxurious, strong, healthy, gorgeous human hair.

Our Human Hair wigs are NOT hot. They are not itchy. They are not difficult to care for.

Our Human Hair wigs ARE feather light & comfortable. They are made on translucent caps - so thin you can see through them.

Our wigs will make you re-think everything you thought you knew about wigs. Our wigs are simply stunning, & easy to wear.

They are beautifully constructed mostly by hand to ensure quality craftsmanship. Each hair is individually knotted into a very thin cap giving it individual movement- mimicking the way each strand of hair on your head grows from its own follicle.
Below are photos of hair being knotted into the still sparse area of the cap.

See through cap Blonde Venting

Human Hair is what you are loosing, only considering purchasing a synthetic hair wig is like asking for a cubic zirconia engagement ring without ever seeing a real diamond.

Let our professional staff help you purchase the right wig. There is no reason to let anyone know your secret, we can customize it just for you - match your highlights/lowlights, and cut. You will look as if you just left your salon. Weâ??ll recreate your look or perhaps youâ??ll want our staff to study your complexion/facial features and make a recommendation on a new color/style.

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Our Lace Wigs

Our Lace Wigs will allow you to pull your hair off your face - no wigline or wig band. The construction is seamless. You will not be able to tell where the wig starts. It is invisible. And - our new line of lace wigs stays secure without LACE tape and or glue solvent. Shake your head - your wig is NOT going anywhere. If you have a distinctive hairline or widow's peak we can trace it out so your hairline will look the same.

Lacewig Net Lacewig

We bring our wig store right to your front door. Wig shopping has never been so easy or convenient with Girl on the Goâ??s personal wig shopping service.

Women wear wigs for all different reasons. Women experience hair loss due to age and menopause side effects, pregnancy, alopecia, Trichotilomania, cancer, chemotherapy, and other illness and their medicationâ??s side effects. Whatever the reason, Girl on the Go! can help feel more comfortable with this difficult situation. We can you get the right wig, the perfect look - without going from place to place to place and leaving in tears.

We offer Color-Treated and European Virgin Human Hair on lightweight caps. No one has a wider selection of finer quality human hair wigs than we do at. Our price point is modest starting at $1200 despite the exceptional quality and one to one service we offer. Call us or send us your photo for an estimate. 800-377-6976 email:

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