Does your health plan help cover the cost of your wig?

As far as we know only 6 states in the union have laws mandating health insurance companies help cover the cost of wigs needed for medical reasons.

We applaud these six states (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, Minnesota, and Maryland) for recognizing that wigs whether rendered necessary by chemotherapy, other medication or heredity are a NECESSARY part of treatment.

If you think your state should adapt similar legislation please sign our petition.

We will forward the petition to each state's legislature letting them know that we demand they look at this issue.

We vote!

New York State has written a Wig Bill S7823.
Call your NY State Senator and Assemblyman and tell them to vote for YES on S7823.

I believe My State should have a law that mandates health insurance companies help cover the cost of wigs for hair loss caused by medical conditions. (Cancer, low Estrogen, Lupus, Thyroid issues, Triclomania)

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