You may be wondering how Girl on the Go got started. Here is my story:

My Dear "Sister":

I am sorry to learn you have been diagnosed with cancer. It is a hard reality to hear. I know, when I heard those words in October of 2000 I was overwhelmed and frightened. I was also very worried about losing my hair; I felt strangely guilty for being concerned about my hair when my doctor was discussing my life. Yet, I could not stop thinking about how would I look without my long hair? I worried wearing a wig would make my illness visible to everyone - - turning a personal experience into a very public "outing." I knew I had the strength to fight my cancer, but why did I have to use some of that energy to fight for my privacy? Just the idea of finding and then walking into a wig shop made me feel as if I was "on display", sick, alone and vulnerable.


Me in 2002. I still needed to wear my wig.

You may feel the same way I did. If you do, we have developed a unique wig shopping experience that focuses on you. Girl on the Go offers our clients a personal, in-home wig shopping experience, allowing you complete comfort, convenience and privacy.

Call us at 1-800-355-6976 to find out more about our service.

Or email us ( your photo or a picture of a hairstyle you like and we will be happy to discuss how we can make it will work as a wig.

Wishing you the best of health in the days to come.

Sheril Cohen, Founder, Survivor

"Thanks for making me feel beautiful again. I wouldn't have been able to face going into a wig store."