Acupuncture Might Make Chemo Better For You

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Acupuncture Might Make Chemo Better For You

If you read my blog that compared Chemo to the Flu you might be interested in knowing one of our client’s has a terrific suggestion. She is successfully using Acupuncture to combat her side effects. At first her oncologist was not sure he could endorse Acupuncture because he was concerned about the tiny needles and her immune system. But he finally did approve the treatment and she reports great success in managing energy levels, nausea, and bouncing back to “normal” life.

Today, many health plans do include a network of alternative health care providers – so you can check with your insurance company to see if Acupuncture is covered. Your local Cancer Centers might have an Acupuncturist on staff since Eastern and Western medicine is being used to compliment each other in many settings.

I did not use Acupuncture to manage my chemo pain – – I never felt I needed to. But I wholeheartedly endorse it. I successfully treated a knee injury with Acupuncture and have been a believer ever since.

Bottom Line explore anything and everything to keep yourself comfortable – so you can have less bad days and more days feeling normal. Just because you have a cancer diagnosis does not mean you have to take to your bed and feel sick. Just Do Not accept that for yourself. REMEMBER, there are ways to combat the side effects so you can remain a girl on the go!
Be Well ;o)