Washing Instructions for Human Hair

Our recommendation is to wash your wig every 3-6 weeks depending on daily wear.
Brush hair with a wide toothcomb or a vent brush working your way from the bottom upwards.
Wash in your wig clean basin or sink.

♦ Rinse with lukewarm water.
♦ Use a high quality shampoo (color safe unless the hair is virgin) working lather through the wig hair and cap.
Do not use shampoo with conditioner as part of the formula. Allow wig to soak in shampoo @ 2-3 mins
♦ Rinse well and repeat to ensure all shampoo is rinsed out.
♦ Condition the wig staying away from the roots. Conditioner undoes knots, the hair is knotted to the wig.
So dip the hair into the water – keeping cap out of the water. Allow conditioner to set in for a couple of minutes before rinsing. Or you can use a leave in conditioner when styling – and work through hair – keeping away from the roots.
♦ Rinse thoroughly especially by the nape area where shampoo and conditioner tend to accumulate.
♦ Transfer and roll your wig in a plush towel and squeeze (do not ring) excess water out without agitating the hair
♦ Comb the wig, with wide toothcomb, starting from the bottom working your way up. *Permed Wigs should not be brushed. It can cause the hair to frizz. With your hands just bunch up the hair to get it back into shape.
♦ Feel free to let your wig air dry – you can rest it on a tall flower vase or a vertical paper towel holder.
(If you want to blow dry the hair you can – – just be sure to blow dry the cap completely before you put the wig on. Otherwise the cap can stretch.)
You can style the wig when it is slightly damp. – Use the chin straps to stabilize the wig.

*Blow-dryer, curling iron and hot rollers can be used just as on your own natural hair, make sure not to overheat the hair.
The heat tool should be kept moving or used for very short “hits” of time same rules as your own growth hair.

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