Wig Myths

Human Hair wigs are very difficult to take care of. – FALSE

If you can take care of your own hair – than you can take care of a human hair wig.

I think this myth persists because quality of hair and quality of construction matter.

Cheaply made human hair wigs – made of second rate hair. or with cuticles cut off, or cuticles sewn in in different directions, are troublesome. But a good quality human hair wig is just human hair – there is no mystery. It something you have been taking care of your whole life. You can blow it out, let it air dry, flat iron it, use a curling iron, mouse it, highlight it, and LOVE it. If you can take care of your real hair – you can take care of a human hair wig.

All Girl on the Go human hair wigs are high quality and we stand behind them. They are finely constructed and feel wonderful to wear. You will be able to care for your human hair wig because you are already caring for human hair.

All Synthetic Wigs are the Same – FALSE

Not all synthetic fibers are the same. Less expensive fibers have a high degree of plastic in them and it gives them that artificial permanent fake looking shine that is screams WIG.

Girl on the Go synthetic wigs do not have “perma-shine.” They are well made on light weight comfortable caps.

Synthetic Wigs are better than Human Hair wigs – FALSE

Although there are many beautiful wigs made from fine synthetic fibers – synthetic is an impostor. To put the question of synthetic vs human in a better context for you think of it this way:

Are cubic zirconias better than diamonds? Do you prefer a vinyl couch or leather couch? A pleather handbag or a genuine leather one? Linen , silk or polyester next to your body?

Human hair is the real deal, it is the organic material that you are trying to replace. While there is certainly a place finer quality synthetic fiber wigs , they are not better than human hair. Sometimes wearing fake diamond earrings are absolutely fine – they can pass for a period of time and wow you before they loose their luster or before you loose one of them! But, sometimes only real diamonds will do, their longevity, their shine , their everyday brilliance. Only you can decide whether you want to wear human hair or synthetic. But believing that synthetic is better than human hair is a falsehood. There is a place for both and many women buy one of each.

All Wigs are Hot and Itchy – FALSE

Cap construction is key here. If the wig is made with a thick scalp, if it has poor ventilation, it mostly likely will NOT be comfortable. But the nicer the wig is made, the thinner it lies, the kind material used for the cap all dictate how it will feel. If you wear a finer quality piece like a wig from Girl on the Go you won’t even notice you have it on.

You can ALWAYS tell if someone is wearing a wig – FALSE

You can only see the bad,, the ill fitted, the cheap fiber wigs. We have all seen these wigs and cringed. Girl on the Go!, wants you to be on the go! We want you to be confident in your appearance. You will be self-conscious at first, that is only natural. But quickly your eye will see what the world sees….. a beautiful color, a wonderful cut, a great head of hair on your head! Walk Tall – you are a Girl on the Go!

Samson’s Hair was his strength – FALSE / Your Hair Loss is too much to bear- FALSE

Not to get too biblical but, Samson’s hair was only a symbol of his strength. Your hair is only a symbol of who you are. Loosing it does not define you. Please do not let it. You are still all the wonderful things you were before your hair thinned or fell out. Think of wearing a wig like getting a new outfit, changing your hair color, getting contacts, or Botox even. We will keep you looking just as beautiful as ever – so you can keep being a Girl on the Go!