Hair Happiness

Custom Wig Design

“I feel perfectly like me in my wig. I could not have imagined it would be this good.”   I’m smiling ear to ear! Thank You!”

-MJD, Long Island, New York

Girl on the Go knows sometimes your mental and emotional health is affected by your level of “Hair Happiness.” Having a “bad hair day” became an overwhelming catch phrase because everyone can relate to it. Your hair is important. It can shape how you think of yourself and how the world sees you.

Your hair is your own personal brand. Losing it causes tears, toys with your self confidence, and challenges your thoughts of femininity.

Girl on the Go can re-create your “Hair Happiness.”

Whether your hair loss is caused by genetics, cancer, hormones, medications, or pulling  we will work hard to keep you liking the you, you see in the mirror.

You did nothing wrong. There is no shame in hair loss. You need to change the way you think of your hair loss. Try to think of wearing a wig like wearing Spanx!! Think of this equation: Wigs are to hair loss, as Spanx is to tummy bulge.

Why be ashamed of wanting to look better? Certainly the millions of women who opt to wear Spanx or choose to have, breast enhancements, get Botox injections, get their grey covered, chose contacts instead of glasses are not shaming themselves because they want to enhance their looks. Start thinking of your hair loss as fixable and completely  temporary.  You deserve “Hair Happiness.”

Treat yourself with kindness. We will.

Send us a photo(s) of what Hair Happiness looks like to you.
We will contact you to discuss how to get you or keep you there.

“Hair Happiness” is on its way.

Email: [email protected]. Please include your phone number. We try to respond same day or next business day. (Our office is closed on the weekends.) If you do not see a response email from us within 1business day please check your SPAM folder.


Sheril Cohen
Cancer Diagnosis, Stage 3B, Unknown Primary, 2000
Cancer Survivor 2002
Founder, Girl on the Go!, 2004