Why Girl on the Go Started

You may be wondering how Girl on the Go got started. Here is my story:

I am sorry to learn you have been diagnosed with cancer. It is a hard reality to hear. I know, when I heard those words in October of 2000 I was overwhelmed and frightened. I was also very worried about losing my hair; I felt strangely guilty for being concerned about my hair when my doctor was discussing my life. Yet, I could not stop thinking about how I would look without my long hair? I worried wearing a wig would make my illness visible to everyone – – turning a personal experience into a very public “outing.”

I knew I had the strength to fight my cancer, but why did I have to use some of that energy to fight for my privacy? Just the idea of finding and then walking into a wig shop made me

Me, right before my cancer diagnosis in 2000 & almost at the end of treatment wearing my wig in 2002.

feel as if I was “on display”, sick, alone and vulnerable.  At the time, I was in my 30’s. My

long curly hair – which I sometimes blew out was my security blanket.  Wig shopping only brought me to tears.  Some of the attendants were down right rude and insensitive. EVERYONE told me to cut my hair.  Wigs seem to focus on styles for older women.  I did not want to change my look. I wanted to look in the mirror and be comforted by the image of me – not a stranger.

See my wig photo diary

You may feel the same way I did. If you do, we have developed  unique experiences that focus on you,  recreating your hair and delivering Hair Happiness.

Email us at your photo or a picture of a hairstyle you like and we will be happy to discuss how we can make it work as a wig.

Wishing you the best of health in the days to come,


Sheril Cohen Dropkin , Cancer Survivor 2002

Founder, Girl on the Go, 2004