If you suffer from Alopecia Areta, Trichotillomania, Hair Thinning, Sparse Scalp, or Hormonal issues stemming from Menopause, Pregnancy, or your Thyroid can result in hair loss that may make you feel less confident in your appearance but not needing a wig.

Girl on the Go!  can help.  We have human hair integration pieces that can enhance your existing hair and conceal your secret.   We can fit you with a top piece that we have in stock for a same day solution or custom make one just for you.

There is no need to feel embarrassed or shy. We are here to help you look and feel like yourself. You did nothing wrong. You are not to blame.  There is no shame in asking for help. Your Hair Loss can be restored.

Before and After Photos

Your appointment with a professional stylist trained in hair replacement will be in the privacy of your own home.  No one will see you park in the parking lot of a wig or “Hair System”  store front.

Girl on the Go! understands this is a deeply emotional task -that no one wants to do.

Girl on the Go makes it as painless and stress free as possible. Helping you get to our trademark of “Hair Happiness” in as soon as one visit.

The pieces are made on translucent fibers, so light weight you cannot feel they are on your head.  They can be clipped in daily – or bonded down.

Our $300 consultation fee is waived with a purchase. Prices range from $1,000 into the $2,000’s, depending on size of area, density, type of hair, highlights, lowlights.

Email us: [email protected] for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Don’t be afraid to make the call.  Why be ashamed of wanting to look better?

Change the way you think of your hair loss. Try to think of wearing a wig like wearing Spanx!!

Think of this equation:  Wigs are to hair loss, as Spanx is to tummy bulge.

Certainly millions of women who opt for Spanx or choose to have, tummy tucks, breast enhancement, chin implants, or eye lifts are not torturing themselves because they want to enhance their looks. Botox has become almost as common as penicillin.  Start thinking of your hair loss as fixable.  Girl on the Go can help you.

Girl on the Go delivers “Hair Happiness”!