Don’t say you only have Alopecia or Tric!

Wigs for Cancer Patients

Don’t say you only have Alopecia or Tric!

Why say that? Stop saying that!

You do not have to apologize for not having cancer. Maybe you aren’t so lucky. (Yes, you are lucky not to have cancer.)  But, you will be dealing with your hair loss for a much longer time than I.  I don’t know if that qualifies as lucky in this hair/appearance obsessed culture.

You might hurt more emotionally from years of trying to hide your head while trying to find your right solution. Cancer patients’ hair grows back. What about you?
If you knew you would survive a cancer, would you trade your disease so your baldness would not be forever?

Do you ever feel angry that cancer patient hair loss gets all the sympathy, all the press? What about women who suffer hair loss bc of other meds, or illnesses, or just because.True – hair is hair. It is not a vital organ. But it can hurt to live without it for 6 months or forever more. Don’t apologize for only have Alopecia or Tric.

Sorry, I only had cancer.