The Meaning of Girl On The Go!

Girl on the Go! What’s In A Name?
Why the name Girl on the Go! and not Girl on the Go Wigs, or Sheril’s Wig World?

When I decided to create a way to make wig shopping a kinder and gentler experience I needed to come up with a name for my venture.

Most businesses and many marketing professionals will say in order to be successful the name of the business needs to tell people what you do .ie:
Toys R Us, UPS (United Parcel Service), Sally’s Beauty Supply.

But when I had cancer and wore I wig I could barely say the word “w-w-wig.” I wanted emotional distance from it. And so, I could not see having the word wig as a part of this new nurturing concept of wig shopping I was creating. It seemed too harsh, too in your face. When I was sick, I wanted to forget I was wearing a wig, I just wanted carry on with my normal life when I could, so I needed a name that did just that.

In naming the company Girl on the Go! I deliberately chose a name that was active and had positive energy. I wanted the name to unleash a silent wish to keep women feeling good enough about themselves so they remain active in their lives.

When I was sick, I was so frightened that wearing a wig would mean that I would never feel like leaving the house. I was afraid that wearing a wig would mean that even strangers would point to my head, or stare at the ground while I passed them. But what a shame it would be if I was feeling well enough to enjoy life and my wig, not my cancer, sidelined me.

Girl on the Go means get up! Meet your friends for lunch, go to work, have your grandkids over for a barbeque! You do not have to miss out. You do not have to worry that you don’t look quite right! There is no need to hide. Go live your life!

The cartoon like character in our logo is me. I am holding a magic wand because I wish I could magically make everyone all better. Unfortunately, I cannot take your illness away but I can help you look and feel beautiful. It is all about getting the right wig and the right fit. Once you can look in the mirror and really see yourself in the reflection, you will want to be a Girl on the Go! You will be feeling confident and want to live your life.

Girl on the Go! is more than a business venture for me. I want to help you and support you. Girl on the Go! is a chant, a soft whisper, a meditation I am putting out there for you to give you strength, courage and support. It is a mantra not to let cancer or any reason for hair loss hold you back. Even if women choose not to use our service I wanted to be able to touch them with hope when you hear our name.

Don’t be held down
Be a Girl on the Go!
Don’t be held back
Conquer the Day!
Ready, Set, Go!
Girl on the Go!!
You’re Beautiful!

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Sheril Cohen
Diagnosed Stage 3B, 2000
Cancer Survivor, 2002
Founder, Girl on the Go! 2004
[email protected]