Using Your Own Hair

Yes – we can make a wig using donated hair.A wig typically needs 3-5 heads of hair. Not all hair that is donated can be used. Hair has to be healthy, never been colored or permed and at least 10 inches long. Donated Hair uncertified for strength often breaks at a higher rate during the knotting process.

Additionally there is alot of hair that becomes unusuable during the drawing process.

The cost of hand making a wig can be several thousand dollars. (You can verify that by going on the Locks for Love website under their Mission Page/Why We Are Needed paragraph. They state the retail cost of a hand made wig is between $3600- $6000 on the last paragraph on their page That seems on the high side, but it is a realistic number.

Girl on the Go’s price for hand making a wig using donated hair starts at $ 950. Price is depending on how many ounces of hair we have to buy in addition to the hair you are suppling, how long the hair is, and the hours needed to make the wig.

We sell human wigs that are already made (with hand made scalps) starting at $1250 – into the $2000’s. So there can be a cost savings… but most people think that  donating hair will make the wig’s cost  a few hundred dollars and that is not the case.   There is a tremendous amount of meticulous hand work that needs to be done and it can take 8 weeks  just to make 1 wig.  Each strand of hair has to be hand knotted into a cap – so that the hair moves and lies naturally.  If the wig maker is not skilled and  the knots are too big or tied wrong the wig will look like hair plugs and not look natural.  You want an expert placing the hair and tying the knots, otherwise the wig will look like a wig.  Girl on the Go custom wigs never give the wearer a reason to feel self conscience. 

“My sister and I cut our hair for our cousin’s wig . I have never felt so proud watching her open the box and put on the wig.  Her face beamed – She looked so beautiful. It was a gift that made us all feel incredible   THANK YOU . ”  – KS,  Westecher County, NY

If you are interested in using your own hair we require that your hair:

  • be at least 10 inches from where you cut to the ends.
  • be clean
  • be dry
  • not have split ends or be damaged in any way
  • be in several pony tails grouped according to length.

If you have additional questions – send an email to [email protected] with the title MAKE ME A WIG, and please include your phone number.

We will get back to you to discuss if this is the right option for you.

Wishing you “Hair Happiness”

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