What are the Causes of Rapid Hair Loss?


What are the Causes of Rapid Hair Loss?

Author: Emily E Bents

The majority of people believe that hair loss is only caused because you inherited it from your father; however this is not the only reason for baldness. There are a number of other factors which can cause you to suffer from rapid hair loss, all of which can be even more stressful than if you inherited it. We’ll look at a few of these potential causes now.


An imbalance of hormones can be a cause of rapid baldness; this is more of a problem in women that are suffering from hair loss. Many women notice a loss of hair a few months after having a baby; this is because of an imbalance of certain hormones. This is normally a temporary form of hair loss, once your hormones are back in balance then the baldness should stop.


If you are currently being treated with chemotherapy for cancer then this can be a cause of hair loss. Chemotherapy is a cocktail of drugs; these are designed to attach cells in your body. Unfortunately they will not only attack cancerous cells, they will also attach healthy cells. This means that they will attack your hair cells, which can cause your hair to fall out. This can cause hair all over your body to fall out, including your eyelashes.

It’s not possible to prevent hair loss when being treated for chemotherapy; some people do try applying ice to the hair to slow down the rate of hair loss. However whether this will really work or not remains to be seen.

After stopping chemotherapy the loss of hair should stop after a couple of months. Then your hair should re-grow naturally without any assistance.


Dandruff can actually be another cause of baldness. If you have this for a long time then the fungus which actually causes dandruff can start to weaken the hair follicles and scalp. There are a number of other infections, both bacterial and fungal which can result in a loss of hair. These types of infections are very common in children; fortunately they are easy to treat with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal medications.


Biotin is very important for your hair to grow and be strong. If you do not have enough of this nutrient in your body then your hairs will become weaker and can fall out. In order to treat this condition you would need to consume higher levels of biotin. This can be taken as a supplement or by eating more of certain foods. Try eating more liver and egg yolks, both of which contain lots of biotin.


It can be great fun to style your hair, however sometimes this can cause your hair to fall out. You should give your hair a rest every now and again. If you like to pull your hair back into tight styles then reconsider as this can cause you to go bald.

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