Wigs Cancer Insurance

Wigs (Cranial Prothesis’) are covered or partially covered under most insurance plans if your wig is needed for medical reasons. Most health insurance policies DO NOT dictate where you should shop for a wig. Insurance companies generally agree to cover a set amount or a percentage of the purchase.

Your coverage is detailed under the DME (Durable Medical Equipment) part of your  health plan policy. We here to help you fill out any paperwork your insurance company asks for, to call them for authorization, coverage confirmation, or gap exception approvals. Girl on the Go is happy to help you navigate this process.

All our sales receipts have insurance information on them so you can submitt  them for your own reimburstment.   This information includes diagnostic codes, our National Provider ID (NPI),  CPT code (insurance billing code),  our Tax ID.  Although many insurance companies have us listed in their database we are not direct providers.  We do not submitt to insurance companies directly.

EMAIL: [email protected]. or Call 800-355-6976 with your questions.