Wigs Washing Instructions

Human Hair Wig Washing Instructions

  • Washing wig every 2-4 weeks. In between wearing rest on an “open’ structure allowing air to pass through. We recommend a vase that you fill with tissue sprayed with your perfume.
  • Comb wig out with wide tooth comb working your way up from the bottom..
  • Add a high quality or color safe shampoo (sulfate free)  to the basin.  Do not use a shampoo with conditioner in it.
  • Submerge wig  in lukewarm water, pull the shampoo water throught the wig – swish or soak the wig. Do not scrub or be aggressive.
  • Condition the wig if would like but stay away from the roots. (conditioner undoes knots, each hair in your wig is knotted into place)

    Allow conditioner to set in for a couple of minutes. A leave in conditioner every couple of weeks should work nicely.

    Squeeze water from wig.

  • Roll the wig in a towel and squeeze additonal excess water out without agitating the hair.
  • Comb the wig, with wide toothcomb, starting from the bottom working your way up.
  • You can let the wig air dry and style the wig when it is slightly damp. Or blow dry cap till dry – then put wig on, and blow out while on your head. Remember to use your chin strap.
    *Blow-dryer, flat iron and hot rollers can be used just as on your own natural hair, making sure not to overheat the wig. The heat should keep moving constantly – just as if you are drying your own hair.
  • For curly hair wigs you can use your hands to scrunch curls while wet. Use hair products (mouse, hair spray, etc. as you normally would for your own hair)

You can also set your wig on a vase to dry or hang upside down with a skirt hanger over the shower (this will add volume – like blowing out your real hair while bending at your waist).

Synthetic Hair Wigs


Before washing, brush wig remove any teasing or tangles. Place your wig in a basin or sink in cool water. Gently hand wash with a mild detergent or shampoo. (Sauve is fine. )If your wig has picked up an odor (such as smoke) add a teaspoon of baking soda to your wash water.

NEVER , EVER USE HOT WATER. (it can fray the fibers)

Gently swish and let your wig soak for 5 minutes. Rinse in clean cold water. Be sure to rinse in cold water  throughly  again if you added a small amount of  conditioner. You should not need to wash you wig more than every 2-4 weeks as oils from your head do not reach your hair to get the wig oily.


Roll the wig in a towel.

Squeeze out the excess water (Pull your hands straight down the towel -as if you were climbing down a rope). Take the wigs out of the towel and blot. Let your wig air dry naturally. Do not brush while wet (you can use a wide tooth comb) Do not use a hot air blow dryer, curling iron. Keep your wig away from heat – even the oven – as heat will damage/frizz the hair fibers. You can use a blow dryer on cool to dry the cap and hair if you wish.

You can set your wig on a vase to dry or hang upside down with a skirt hanger over the shower (this will add volume – like blowing out your real hair while bending at your waist)

When your wig is completely dry, its original pre-set style will bounce right back. If you want to do more to your hair: You may use steam rollers, a fabric steamer if the wig is NOT on your head – you don’t want to burn yourself! You can also use electric curlers if they are set on low/med and/or if the hair is wrapped in perm paper.

If you would like to send us your wig to us for additional styling we are happy to style and to give it that “I just had a blow -out at my salon look.” $55 (includes shipping/insurance fees on the return.