Chemo, Food , And Finding My Super Model Self

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Chemo, Food , And Finding My Super Model Self

Taste – is one of the senses that can be diminished by chemo. For me, some foods just were tasteless or tasted very metallic. During these days – – I did not even
try to eat anything I enjoyed bc I did not want to be haunted by bad
memories of bad tasting favorite treats. I just drank high protein calorie
drinks – and enjoyed myself during the days I felt like eating. My
weight was pretty stable during chemo – – no major ups or downs. My
oncologist was big on eating a lot of steak for iron production.

I did lose of weight during my bone marrow transplant… and I refer
to this time period in my life as my “Super Model” weight. I named it that because the months after I was out of the hospital became the only time in my life I could comfortably buy and wear a size 4. I decided to eat my way back to an 8 bc eating when you can enjoy the taste is a beautiful part of life.

You will find your rhythm with food – when to eat – when to abstain.
Don’t worry about it — relax into it. If food tastes bad – drink protein shakes with ice-cream.
Don’t force yourself to eat. Tell your husband, mother, and
supporters to relax. Maybe you will be your supermodel self for a bit –
but it will be ok. Schedule dinner at your favorite restaurants with
friends when in between the chemo cycles. Not all days are bad days – enjoy the days you feel ok and try to accept them as a blessing.

I hope this is helpful for you.