What Should A Wig Cost?

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What Should A Wig Cost?

Not all wigs are alike. There are $40 synthetic wigs that may have a cute cut but might give you helmet head,and feel hot or itchy to wear. There also are synthetic wigs made on hand knotted micro thin, durable caps that cost $700 or more.

There are synthetic fibers that feel like doll hair or have a artificial “perma- shine ” because they are made mostly of plastic. And there are synthetic fibers that people swear are better than real hair.

When choosing your wig I am suggesting you think about what you generally spend on your hair (cut, color, and style) in the course of a year to 18 months. Consider that amount your budget and it should be a good starting place for your to arrive at a comfortable price point. (Since during the months you will be wearing your wig – you will never have to have it cut or color it. You will really be spending the same amount of money on your hair – just all at once.)

There are $40 wigs, $170 wigs, $500, $1500, $2500 wigs and more. Of course there is no comparison when touching a European Virgin Hair wig. You know the minute you lay your fingers on it, it feels luxurious and it is. For some women a European Virgin Hair wig is right. But, it is not a practical decision for every woman. In many cases it is nicer hair than many women have to start with. (Not everyone drives a Porshe. People who drive a Ford do just fine.)

You can get a beautiful high quality synthetic wig that will look wonderful. A nice quality synthetic wig that is well fit and well cut is undetectable to people. Quite frankly, most of you are afraid of wearing a wig because you have only noticed bad ones. I assure you, have seen, spoken to, and dined with women who are wearing a great wig and you have NOT noticed it.

So, if see your hairdresser every 6-8 weeks and you usually spend cost to $100 including tip do not be afraid to spend between $400-600 on a nice synthetic wig. Believe me it will be worth it! You will feel the difference in your attitude -if not on your head. We work in this price range alot of the time and our clients feel comfortable facing the world – NOT feeling bad about their hair.

If you are interested in human hair… there is a wide variety of quality. Not all human hair is suitable for making a wig. Generally virgin hair (hair that has never been color processed) is the best quality. If the wig maker is reputable, you can have a gorgeous wig made from color treated hair as well. The more skilled the wig maker, the more the wig will cost bc the price is largely a reflection of all the handwork that is involved. At a retail wig store better quality human hair wigs shoulder length or longer (made from color treated hair) average at $1500. Expect the wig ito be cut, styled, and fit. If you are interested in a completely custom made wig they usually are priced $2500 on up.

You can find less expensive human hair wigs on the internet – – but you would not believe the number of calls we get from women who have purchased their wigs off the internet and are disappointed with the hair once they washed or wore their wig for a short time. They have no idea how to make the wig look right and do not know how to take care of it Sometimes a bargin is not as good as it appears. You likely are not buying something you are unfamiliar with and having an expert help you through this can be worth it.

Wishing you the best!