To Cut or Not To Cut Your Hair Off That Is The Question

Wigs for Cancer Patients

To Cut or Not To Cut Your Hair Off That Is The Question

There are people who say they KNOW what to do. They will tell you to cut
your hair off before your start chemo.  In fact, they tell you that you SHOULD cut your hair short so when you lose your hair -you won’t be so upset. WHAT?  How does that make sense???

It did not make sense to me in 2000 and it does not make sense now.  Cutting your hair short may be more tramatic. If you are comfortable with your look why change?

We had a client who was an oncology nurse. She called in a panic. She said
for years she freely dispensed advise for patients to cut off their hair.
She just thought it was the right thing to do. However, when she got
diagnosised she fell apart. She DID NOT want to cut her hair, she did not
want to loose her hair. And – when we told her she did not have to -that
she could have a wig that looked just like her current hair she felt a
great sense of relief.  She was happy that she was not going to HAVE to have short hair and suddenly felt bad about telling everyone else to do so.

It just never dawned on her that  a cancer patient could have a long, or mid-length beautiful wig and keep their look. She did not really believe in wigs – until she thought about facing the world bald or wearing a scarf. When she got diagnosised with cancer she felt differently. She chose to wear a wig and have it cut and styled to look just like her own hair.

Everyone is different – no one can tell you what to do.  Honor yourself – and do what is right for you. To cut or not to cut – you decide. You may want to get a wig to match your current hair to start you treatments. You can decide to have short hair later as you feel more comfortable. You can even cut your wig short to meet your own hair as it grows in. You can do whatever you want – because this it is all about You!

Go live your life be a Girl on the Go!

Wishing you the best of health in the days to come – sheril ;o)